BMW Z4 Concept is the new roadster presented by the German manufacturer at Concours d’Elegance on Pebble Beach in California. The BMW Z4 Concept boasts compact width and proportions with a dynamic and attractive bodywork.

The model is a perspective on the series version of the car that is due to appear next year. The sporty and progressive concept incorporates BMW’s vision of a modern roadster. The dynamic lines of the body, generates a sense of power and emotion. Increased wheelbase, creates impressive comfort. Compared to the previous model, the new version has a shorter hood. Therefore, the driver’s position is closer to the center of the car and creates a sense of concentration. The new design language creates an extremely modern and exciting impression.

BMW Z4 Concept 2017 DashboardThe sportiness of the new BMW Z4 Concept is enhanced by the design of the front bumper and side skirts. Energetic Orange exterior colour exposes light contrasts by accentuating the exterior’s three-dimensionality. 20-inch alloy wheels with two-tone design and sports spokes provide a smooth finish. Positioning the front grille and headlights reminds us of the Z8. Instead of the usual bars, the interior of the front grille has a vertical orientation net, reminiscent of the 328 Mille Miglia. Unusually, the headlights of the BMW Z4 Concept feature two overlapping illumination modules. Signal indicators highlight the dynamic front flare. Hood with ventilation holes completely covers the front to the wheel.

BMW Z4 Concept

BMW Z4 Concept 2017 RearThe large air intakes of the new BMW Z4 Concept are a strong indication of the powerful engine that promises dynamic driving experiences. The carbon fiber insert present in the front bumper is another clue to the motor sport manuals. This aspect emphasizes the dynamic presence of the front and outlines a unique, modern and sporty look. The design of the new BMW Z4 Concept sets out the evolution of sports cars for years to come. Lower ground clearance, increased wheelbase, rim width and styling elements will contribute to this. The prominent eyelet and L-shaped rear lights enhance the sporty position of the car. Exhaust pipes embedded in carbon fiber create their own dynamic impression.

BMW Z4 Concept 2017 InteriorThe connection between the interior and the exterior of the new BMW Z4 Concept is evident both in shape and color choice. The design of the interior respects the strong and three-dimensional character of the exterior. A large part of the interior adopts the color of the bodywork, creating a very pleasant visual link. The interior has been designed to provide total focus on driving experience. The driver’s seat, the door panels, the dashboard and the center console surrounding the driver are completely black-finished. These are visibly highlighted in terms of the orange hue that complements the rest of the interior of the new BMW Z4 Concept. Therefore, the driver’s area is clearly defined, producing a very sporty feeling. This creates a different and pronounced driving environment, a vision that helps the driver’s focus.

BMW Z4 Concept

BMW Z4 Concept 2017 AboveThe instrument cluster and the central information display of the new BMW Z4 Concept feature high-resolution screens. They are integrated into the driver’s space in an irreproachable ergonomic way. The two displays are now positioned almost at the same height and provide the right information at the right time. The driver can choose to display the desired items by touch or voice commands. These can be browsing navigation maps, phone numbers, or other features of infotainment. The Head-Up display of the new BMW Z4 Concept shows important driving information directly in the driver’s field of view. The sports steering wheel is cushioned in leather, with aluminum inserts and gear shift paddles. It does not provide commands for accessing various functions but has a digital timer at the bottom.

BMW Z4 Concept 2017 HeadlightsThis is beneficial for tracking times and improved performance. The red button for turning the engine on and off is located next to the transaxle switch. The intelligent interior layout of the new BMW Z4 Concept improves the sporty feeling for the two occupants of the car. The interior is finished with classical materials and polished chrome accents with laser-cut hexagonal motifs. The design of the two seats creates an exclusive ambience inside the new BMW Z4 Concept. At the moment, the German manufacturer did not reveal the motor range. Probably the future model will be propelled by the four-cylinder engine with 2.0-liter capacity and the six-cylinder engine in a 3.0-liter line. It is expected that the 2.0-liter version will develop 258 hp with a sprint from 0-60 MPH (0-100 km / h) in 5.4 seconds.

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